David Bowie, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes At our monthly meeting, we held elections and I’m happy to announce that our new Whiteside County chair will be Bill Gallentine. I know he’ll do a great job. I’ll continue as vice-chair, Shannon will continue as secretary, and Robyn will serve as treasurer.

We also voted to change our meeting location to Culver’s in Rock Falls, which the group felt would be better suited for our meetings.

We also discussed events to participate and volunteer in and came up with some good ideas. In the coming months, we’ll come back with more ideas and come up with a more concrete plan. We do plan to participate in the Rock Falls Sesquicentennial celebration in some way.


February Meeting

We’re a week off our regular meeting time, and it’s been a little hit-or-miss these last couple months, but we’re getting back on track. We need to meet to hold officer elections, discuss what’s happening in the Illinois LP (including the upcoming state convention), and plan some events for 2017!

Final Push!

LP Whiteside TableIt’s time for the final push for the 2016 election! We have door-hanger bags with literature and our chapter information and they’re no good after next Tuesday. They’re great for for door-do-door canvassing, putting on windshields, setting out on public tables, etc. We also have some separate If you can help us get rid of these, please let us know! Comment here, on the Facebook page, or email Eric at and we’ll get them to you.

We also still have some yard signs available! If you’d like one, contact us and we’ll get them to you!

Claire Ball Meet & Greet Press Release

Here’s the official press release from LP of Illinois for the Meet & Greet Friday, October 21:

claire-ball-wht-bkgMedia is invited to attend, and Claire will be available for photo, comment, and private interview. Ms Ball has her Bachelors and Masters degrees in accounting and finance, ten years accounting experience, and has passed her CPA. She’s the only qualified accountant on the ballot for Illinois Comptroller.

For more information on Claire Ball or her campaign please visit

Precinct Committeeman Workshop this Saturday

Become a Libertarian Precinct Committeeman and sow the seeds of Liberty throughout your neighborhood. Teleconference scheduled for Saturday, September 24 from 10-11 a.m. Learn the requirements. Connect with resources. Discuss what to do and how to do it best. Perfect for anyone who is ready to “walk the walk” for Liberty, particularly those contemplating political campaigns. Sign up by emailing

Parade Success and Monthly Meeting TOMORROW

We had a great time in the Shannon Homecoming Parade on Labor Day and the Sterling-Rock Falls Fiesta Days Parade last weekend. Great response from the crowd and a great chance to spread the message that there is another choice!

Our monthly meeting is tomorrow night, September 16, at 6:30pm at the All-American Bar & Grill in Rock Falls. Among other things, we’ll be planning a meet & greet with Illinois state candidates for October 21. Come on out and join us!

Upcoming Events!

We’re off and running! We had our first meeting earlier this month and are excited to hit the ground running!

On Labor Day, we’ll be marching in the Homecoming Parade in Shannon, IL. Claire Ball, candidate for IL Comptroller, and Kent McMillen, candidate for US Senate, will be with us.

On September 10, we’ll be in the Fiesta Day parade in Sterling, IL, and Kent McMillen will be with us again for that.

Please come out and join us! For more information, please email